Vo Hung Tuan

Vo Hung Tuan

Software Integration Engineer - Specialist

Bosch Global Software Technologies Vietnam

  • A seasoned software integrator with strong CI/CD skills and proven track record, willing to step up career path.
  • Working in large-scale Automotive software applications, with thousand of developers and testers around the world, and helping project to ship software quickly and efficiently to market, to make a continuous flow of bug fixes and new features by utilizing DevOps tools.

INDIA - Onsite experience

2017-Jun-14 to 2017-Aug-19 (2 months)

Bosch office in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
USA - Onsite experience

2015-Oct-25 to 2015-Nov-07 (2 weeks)

Alcatel-Lucent office in Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA


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Work Experience

  • Bosch Global Software Technologies Vietnam
    June 2017 - present
    Car Multimedia
    Software Integration Engineer - Specialist
    • Develop and manage Jenkins CI/CD and Git/Gerrit systems to check on-review commits and build software nightly, so project can ship software quickly and efficiently.
    • Manage and optimize build servers of GENIVI and Android Automotive on Linux, Docker and internal cloud system, which improved productivity for build system.
    • Collaborate with both developers and testers to make sure integration processes work well and support to fix issues by providing automated reports of Unit Test, compiler warnings, Cpp check, etc.
    • Automate integration process and JIRA system to enhance productivity and management on project.
    • Help new join integrators to work well in projects by conducting trainings. Help projects to interview candidates to hire new integrators and ramp up integration team.


    • Strong knowledge: Jenkins, Shell, Git, Ubuntu, Docker, Python, Ansible
    India - Onsite experience
    2017 June 14 - August 19

    Bosch office
    Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

  • SAP Asia Vietnam labs
    March 2017 - May 2017
    DevOps Engineer - Specialist
    • Developed and monitored Jenkins system to make sure project has a continuous flow of bug fixes and adding new features.
    • Managed bug control system of Bugzilla and source control system of Git/Gerrit which helped project worked well.
    • Collaborated and helped QA department to provide testing environment on their requests and supported on issues.
    • Monitored and reported issues to IT department when servers had issues, to make sure servers were up and running.


    • Strong knowledge: Jenkins, Shell, Git, SUSE Linux, Redhat, Docker.
  • TMA Solutions
    September 2011 - February 2017
    VitalQIP - IPAM software
    Senior Software Engineer
    • Managed and optimized ClearCase source control system and build systems of Solaris, CentOS and Windows Server, which helped project worked continuously and efficiently.
    • Developed and migrated IPAM software from C++ GUI to Java webserver GUI.
    • Developed SQL scripts on Oracle and Sybase servers.
    • Upgraded and developed DNS software based ISC BIND to fix CVEs and add new features.
    • Maintained and built relationships with American customers. Provided suggestions to improve product and supported for issues.
    USA - Onsite experience
    2015 November

    Alcatel-Lucent office
    Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA

    • Set up new build machines
    • Maintaining the NetApp servers
    • Maintaining the QuickBuild servers
    • Customers support

    • Strong knowledge: IBM ClearCase, Jenkins, Shell, Git, Apache Ant, QuickBuild, ISC BIND DNS, Windows, Linux, Solaris, Docker.
    • Can read code, understand and debug: C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Maven, Gradle, Hg, SonarQube, Tomcat, SQl, Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


  • Can Tho University

    Bachelor of Software Engineering

Mobile Number

+84 817400785